Expert Partial Interest Valuation Services

In the world of real estate, property ownership can take various forms. It’s not always a straightforward case of one person or entity owning a property outright. There are situations where ownership is divided into partial interests, presenting unique challenges in valuation. As professional real estate appraisers, we specialize in appraising these partial interests, bringing our expertise and training to deliver accurate opinions of value.

When might you require a partial interest valuation? Let’s explore a few scenarios:

  1. Divorce or Partnership Dissolution: In these proceedings, it becomes crucial to fairly assess the value of one party’s interest in a property. Appraising a partial interest is more complex than simply dividing the property’s value by the number of owners. Factors such as lack of control, costs, and barriers to sale can influence the value of a fractional share. Our professional appraisers provide the judgment and expertise needed in these situations.
  2. Rent and Lease Valuation: Sometimes, you may need to determine the value of rents or leases on a property, separate from the underlying real estate value. This requires a thorough analysis beyond the current rental rates. Our well-trained appraisers assess market rents to determine fair market value, considering factors such as tenant profitability and lease terms. This comprehensive approach ensures an accurate valuation.
  3. Easement Valuation: An easement grants the right to use a property without ownership. If you need to ascertain the value of a proposed or existing easement, such as a neighbor’s driveway crossing part of your property, professional appraisal expertise is essential. Our appraisers consider various factors to determine the worth of the easement, ensuring a fair assessment.
  4. Timeshare or Condominium Appraisal: If you or your client holds an interest in a timeshare or condominium, it’s vital to have an accurate appraisal. Our specialized appraisers understand the intricacies of valuing these unique forms of ownership, providing you with an informed opinion of value.

It’s important to recognize that you may require a partial interest valuation even without realizing it. When seeking an appraisal, it’s crucial to engage a qualified appraisal company with experience in performing partial interest valuations. At Granite Appraisal Group, we possess the expertise and qualifications to meet your needs. Visit our website to learn more about our services and our team’s extensive qualifications.


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