Why Hire a Technically Advanced Appraiser?

As a seasoned Real Estate Appraiser, I have noticed a marked shift in the way the industry operates, largely due to advances in technology. This transformation has revolutionized our sector, propelling it into a new era of efficiency and accuracy. Here’s how you can benefit from partnering with a technologically-savvy appraisal service like ours.

At the heart of the Real Estate Appraisal profession, you’ll find an immense technological presence. In contrast to the analog-driven agents in the field, appraisers have acclimated to the digital world with impressive agility. This immersion into technology has yielded substantial returns for appraisers who’ve chosen to invest, making our service more efficient with faster turn-around times and superior final valuation reports – advantages we gladly pass on to our valued client.

Consider the enormity of real estate transactions processed annually in the United States, with each requiring a detailed appraisal. By harnessing technology, we’ve simplified the cumbersome process traditionally associated with ordering, tracking, and receiving appraisals. Once dominated by telephones and fax machines, the contemporary appraiser now uses innovative digital tools, such as comprehensive websites and email, to streamline communication with clients, cutting significant time off the appraisal process.

Data is the lifeblood of the appraisal process. Collecting specific details about the property in question and general data about local markets and evolving trends is crucial. Advanced technology has revolutionized how appraisers collect and handle data. No longer are we bound by laborious field inspections and manual transcriptions. Modern tools, like tablets with built-in cameras, digital measurement devices like the Leica Disto Laser meter, and dynamic software have simplified data gathering and enhanced accuracy.

With the Internet at our disposal, sourcing critical information is now a swift, seamless process. Location maps, flood maps, standardized addressing, accurate postal coding, and census tract data are only a click away. This technological evolution ensures that the final appraisal report is comprehensive and accurate, reducing call-backs and revisions, ultimately saving time and money for our clients.

Upon completion of a report, the efficient real estate appraiser now employs electronic delivery methods over traditional postal services. Our appraisal reports are digitally formatted, complete with photos and maps, and delivered via email. This technological innovation streamlines the delivery process and reduces costs.

Internally, our cutting-edge technology critically reviews each report to ensure it meets stringent guidelines. Issues are flagged and rectified before the report reaches the client, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly follow-ups. At our firm, we take great pride in delivering a final report that complies with all necessary criteria, lowering the overall cost of doing business.

A key element of our service is the Digital Workfile, which serves as a secure, electronic record of the appraisal process. As these reports can be legally significant, appraisers are obliged to maintain them for five years. This electronic system stores all related materials securely and allows easy retrieval of any appraisal. It ensures our clients have immediate, virtual access to any appraisal they’ve ordered within the past 5 years.

This is a mere glimpse into the advantages that technologically advanced appraisers bring to their clients. Our investment in sophisticated software, digital services, and advanced devices has enhanced our efficiency and accuracy, saving our clients both time and money. Partnering with us will transform your real estate appraisal experience into a seamless, precise, and efficient process.


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