Expert Witness

Expert Witness Testimony

In the diverse landscape of real estate, Granite Appraisal Group brings to the table a comprehensive suite of appraisal services bolstered by a robust experience portfolio across various property types. In addition, our expertise extends to providing expert witness services and litigation support, often utilized by government bodies, tax entities, financial establishments, legal and accounting firms, among other businesses. Our testimony services have been instrumental in empowering clients with rigorous, supportable analyses that have often facilitated case settlements outside the courtroom.

An appraiser’s cornerstone duty is to remain impartial during the property appraisal process. However, as a part of our consultative services, we can help you understand the potential strengths or weaknesses of an appraisal presented by the opposing party. Leveraging additional research and analysis, we can support or challenge the validity of certain assumptions or conclusions.

Our repertoire of experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Valuation of “stigmatized” property
  • Retroactive property valuation
  • Condemnation and eminent domain case valuations
  • Impact on property value due to historical flooding
  • Estate settlement valuation
  • Effect on property value due to pest infestation
  • Valuation for diverse purposes like divorce, partnership agreements, tax-related matters, etc.

Equipped with a proven track record, we at Granite Appraisal Group stand ready to undertake any appraisal task, no matter how complex. We ensure our valuation outcomes endure even the most rigorous scrutiny, reinforcing the confidence and trust of our clients.


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