Pre-Listing Appraisal Services

Navigating the real estate market as a seller can be a complex process. One of the key steps involves setting the right “Listing Price” for your property. Traditionally, real estate agents provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) as a guide. However, at Granite Appraisal Group, we believe an expert pre-listing appraisal can bolster this process, ensuring accuracy and fostering confidence in your selling journey.

Why a pre-listing appraisal, you ask? Engaging an independent third-party appraiser before signing a Listing Agreement provides an objective viewpoint, a crucial component in the fair evaluation of your property. Our services give you a thorough description of your home’s features and deliver a meticulous analysis of the most recent and similar “comparable sales” or “Comps” as they’re often referred to.

A professional appraisal holds many advantages for a seller. Firstly, it serves as a robust negotiating tool when you encounter potential buyers. Secondly, it presents a documented account of your home’s condition, both internally and externally, making a compelling impression on buyers. Furthermore, our detailed appraisal helps identify any issues beforehand, preventing last-minute repair inconveniences that could delay closing. This proactive approach reduces the risk of unforeseen complications causing sales to collapse and eliminates the wait for the buyer or their mortgage company to arrange their own appraisal.

Numerous clients have found their homes’ market values exceeding their expectations, enabling them to garner thousands of dollars more from their sales, thanks to our professional appraisals. Conversely, others with inflated perceptions of their property’s value were able to set a realistic price, leading to a successful sale. An overpriced home will fail to attract offers, culminating in lost time, money, and effort. Thus, a professional appraisal stands as a strategic investment towards an efficient and lucrative sale of your property.

Opt for Granite Appraisal Group’s expert pre-listing appraisal services to embark on a seamless and profitable real estate journey.


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