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What is a Manufactured Home and how does it differ from a Modular Home?

At Granite Appraisal Group, we encounter a variety of property types, two of which are manufactured homes and modular homes. Understanding the distinctions between these two is crucial to our Real Estate Appraisal business.

A manufactured home, often referred to as a mobile home, is a residence built on a permanent frame, typically a steel undercarriage or chassis, and comes equipped with a removable transportation system, namely a hitch and wheels. These homes, which can be single or multi-sectional, are permanently affixed to a site-specific foundation. It’s worth noting that manufactured homes adhere to federal standards set in 1976 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

In contrast, a modular home is crafted in a factory, employing conventional home floor joists, and is transported to its final location via a trailer or flatbed truck. This type of home may arrive as panels ready for on-site assembly, be pre-cut and assembled at the site, or even be pre-built and delivered as a complete unit. These homes, which can be one or more stories high, are lifted off the transportation platform and affixed to a foundation at the property site. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes aren’t subject to HUD standards. Instead, they must comply with the state and local Uniform Building Codes.

In summary, while both manufactured and modular homes involve off-site construction and on-site installation, they differ in their building standards and methods of transportation. As your trusted professional real estate appraisers, we, at Granite Appraisal Group, are well-versed in these subtleties and will ensure accurate appraisals regardless of your property type.


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